7 Misconceptions About Feminine People Who Dress Modestly Because Not Everything Is A Protest

winter-frolic-modest-dress-in-peacoat-14There seem to be a lot of misconceptions about women dressing modestly out there. I’ve noticed this especially after reading a New York Times article that implied modesty was a trend among young women stemming from the moment’s feminist flavor. It’s true that women and feminine-presenting people are constantly under scrutiny for the way that they dress. Regardless of if we’re showing “too much” skin, choosing not to show any skin at all, or dressing in more masculine fashions, we can’t ever seem to dress in a way that escapes judgement and assumptions from strangers and men.

My dressing preferences fluctuate based on my mood, my gender feelings, the weather, and where I am in my laundry cycle. But until recently, I’ve always favored clothing and cuts that may be considered “modest.” Boat neck tees, turtleneck crop tops, sweaters and Peter Pan-collared button ups made up the majority of my wardrobe for a time. I dressed this way mostly based on coincidence, as my favorite trends at the time happened to be lacking a plunging neckline. That and, until recently, I’ve never felt

Meet the Women Behind Hijab Fashion

450_hijab_2624Back in the old days, a handful of rich and famous women were celebrated for their style on the International Best Dressed List. These days Tumblr and instagram allow style-addicts worldwide to strut their stuff and to showcase their favorite style icons. One of our favorite Instagrams of late has been @hijabfashion, which celebrates the sartorial splendor of women in ‘modest fashion’ including hijab, a headscarf worn by Muslim women. The ladies behind the Instagram account, London-based Safiyah El-Houdaigui (@safsaf.el) and U.S. and Dubai-based Saufeeya Goodson (@Feeeeya), serve up a parade of high-style looks that have only two things in common: they’re worn with hijab and they’re fabulous.

For starters can you explain exactly what Hijab is?

Hijabs are worn by women in the Muslim community. Hijab is often misunderstood to be solely restricted onto Muslim women when in reality, there are multiple religions that call for women to cover, whether it be their bodies or hair. Modest dress and behavior is a divinely prescribed responsibility for Muslims of both genders. What is often overlooked is that Muslim men also have a responsibility to dress modestly

Inside fashions modesty movement

ModestyIsColorResizeMaybe you’ve already noticed the change: Young women in one-piece swimsuits at the beach, loose tunics replacing tank tops in the summertime, chunky knits instead of tight sweaters in the winter.

It’s all part of a growing modesty movement in the fashion world, where sexy styles take a backseat to classier, more conservative looks. And it’s perfect timing for a rising group of religious style bloggers and designers like 30-year-old Melanie Elturk, the CEO of Haute Hijab.

Visit her brand’s website and you’ll find professional photos of models in bright, patterned headscarves, YouTube tutorials and fashion tips. It looks like any other style website—except with a religious twist.

“We’re not trying to hide the fact that this brand is for Muslim women,” Elturk told TODAY.com, adding that her customers also include conservative Christian and Orthodox Jewish women seeking out a stylish way to cover up their bodies.

Elturk isn’t the only Muslim woman who realized there was a space for modest style in the market. Blogs like Hijab Trendz, Haute Muslimah, The Muslim Girl and more all showcase styles that are chic but align with Islamic requirements. And

Tips to Consider While choosing Clothes and Accessories for Your Wedding

Many brides-to-be are concerned about how they will look in their big day. Yes, your wedding day is one of the most captivating experiences in your life and you would want to look your best on this particular day. With many things flashing across the mind, sometimes it might be difficult for you to find perfect clothes and accessories that can give you the wedding of your dreams. However, with these tips in mind, you can find the best clothes and accessories for a delightful wedding. Here is what you need to do to accomplish this task:

Choosing your wedding Dress

Your dress is at the heart of your wedding ceremony. There are thousands of versions of wedding dresses in the market. As a bride-to-be, you may be interested in lehengas or wedding saris that worked for another bride. However, it is important to remain yourself and choose only what can work for you. Each person is unique and what worked for your sister may not work for you. In case you get stuck with your selection, explain to your fitter to assist you. Most wedding consultants know their selections and what can work based

Finding the Most Affordable Five Stars Hotel in Jakarta

Finding a five stars hotel in a big capital city like Jakarta is not something hard to do since there are so many five stars hotel. However, when you want to book hotel in jakarta that has the five stars rating and the affordable price, you might end up having some troubles. That is because many of the five stars hotels in Jakarta are priced for the minimum of 200 to 300 dollars a night. Fortunately, there are also some hotels that you can find in Jakarta with the five stars rating that will help you with your limited budget.


The first hotel that you can consider is Aryaduta Hotel. This five star hotel has been standing for more than 30 years and along with all of those years, this hotel has been experiencing many things. To simply conclude, this hotel might be one of the best oldest hotels that you can find in Jakarta. Located in Menteng, the lowest price of this hotel is only about 100 dollars a night. That can be considered as something nice since some other hotels offer you at least 200 dollars for the same services that this hotel can offer.


The second one

I Needed a Pair of Sunglasses

My husband and I started walking daily not that long ago. We both knew that we needed to lose a bit of weight, and that seemed the best way to do it without having to compromise the limited time we get to spend together because of conflicting work schedules. The first few weeks were pleasant. As the weather got nicer though, it was harder to walk in the sun because I didn’t have a pair of sunglasses. I knew that I needed to get some, and I had an idea of which designer sunglasses I wanted.

I have always heard of Ray Ban sunglasses, but I thought they were too expensive for me. Continue reading →

Trendy wedding sherwanis for men in Delhi

Sherwani is a traditional attire which is not for the grooms only but also for other men attending the ceremony. Men look really classy and royal with the attire.

Sherwani with Variety:

Before purchasing a Sherwani make sure that the quality of the fabric is good. A low-grade fabric can ruin your whole expectations you have set for the party look. There a numerous number of stores in Delhi where you can find a larger collection of Sherwanis, which not only have a wide range of fabrics but also avariety of embroideries. But you need to be little choosy about its fabric, because no matter how good the embroidery is on it, but if the fabric is not of superior quality, you will fail to look good. It has a range of aesthetic embroideries like chikankari, phulkari, jaal work, Kantha, Kashmiri, and Kashida, etc. There is a wide range of Collection Designer Men’s Sherwani, Groom Sherwani, Occasional Men’s Sherwani, Traditional Men’s Sherwani with Hand Embroidery, Resham Work, Machine Work, Kundan Work.

The second most important thing of the attire is colour. Nowadays, dark colours are most preferable colours, because dark colours are

Titanium Wedding Bands – For a Bond of a Lifetime

Every couple about to get married, have this desire to be very vocal about their love. They may go shouting from the rooftop about their love and they might even plan for their weddings for long time. But this said, their wedding day would be the most eventful day in their life. Surely, right from the time they propose each other for marriage, they might begin to plan to make their W-Day special. This is when they might think of proposing specially unlike anyone else had ever done. They might even think of specially going out of their way to impress their partner so that their partner specially remembers that way and that day in their life.

To make your wedding day or day of proposal special, you might have thought of taking your partner out on a romantic candle light dinner or even have a gala party thrown just to present them with the rings. But, for the wedding, you can do something even better and with perfect planning, you shall make sure that the wedding is the day when you and your partner begin your life together as life-partners. To make this day special, Titanium wedding bands shall also