How To Capture Your Readers’ Attention

Lazy Minds Miss The Mark

Is it that our minds have gotten lazy or do we really have different learning styles as research has suggested? Are we more inclined to read a post or article when a video or picture is attached? As Writers, often times we lose our captive audiences due to lack of creativity.

BUT here is the probing question: who needs the healing and help? Is it the Writer who is sharing the message or is it the reader who is missing out on important information that can change his or her life?

Let’s Get To The Point

This is why we get straight to the point when transferring written information to our audiences. One rule of thumb is to immediately present what we want to address. This is called THE TITLE or HEADING and it helps the reader determine whether this article is something they want to read.

Depending on the length of your post, you might need to have sub titles in each set of paragraphs. An example of this can be found in this posting. The next script should capture within the first line of the insert, what the passage is about. The rest of the body should further explain your message that you want to convey to your readers.

Your article or post must NOT be written in uppercase as it connotes shouting. Imagine someone shouting at you. Would you stop to listen to them? FULL CAPS is only relevant and acceptable when writing a title to a post or briefly highlighting a word of short phrase for emphasis.

Salutations or Closing Is Important

Finally, your closing should be as important as your opening as it emphasizes your script and brings closure to the post or article without any ambiguity or misunderstanding to the reader.

As I have indicated in the previous paragraph, breaking your article or post into 3 four line paragraphs segments, could make your work appear less clustered and more legible to your readers.

When you have completed your work, use a spell checker or get someone to edit the content before publishing your work.

Now that I have shared these tips on how to capture your readers’ attention, did I also get your attention? Was it effective throughout this post? I did not attach a picture to this posting because I want to see how many persons actually learn from this short exercise.

The key to capturing your readers’ attention is to create rich content that evoke reactions. The more responsive your views are, the greater the possibilities for desired successes. All of us have different views on topics and subjects but when we can connect to everyone in all genres through writing, that says a lot about your creative writing style.

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